Wordy Wednesday – Change

Todays quote focuses on the concept of change. On Sunday, my mom and I dropped my little brother Andy off at the airport. This was his first time flying alone. More importantly, it was the trip to the place where he will be spending the next four years of his life, college. He headed down to campus early for a pre-orientation program that focuses on community service. It was a strange feeling saying goodbye to my brother. I know that I will see him throughout the year, just as I had when I was away at college. However, it had not fully hit me that he was leaving for college until he got on line for security check. Granted he is rarely home even when he is living at home, always out with friends. So I had assumed it would be no big deal to send him off to school since I don’t see him all the time even when we live in the same house! When he got on line though, I realized that my little brother is actually going away to college. This is the kid who I have looked after, fought with, and ultimately cared about more than anything for his entire life. Now he is off on his next adventure, one that began with very bittersweet feelings. I am not going to lie there was not a dry eye in the room when he walked through security. We all know that he is going to do great, but it is always hard to say goodbye.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, watching my brother go through his senior year of high school has made me reflect on where I was four years ago. I very clearly remember my emotions and fears when I left for college. The night before I left home, I said goodbye to my best friend came inside my house and burst into tears. I knew that I was ready for college, but it was hard to let go of the life that I had been living for the past seventeen years. At the time it felt like a sad ending and the anxiety of the new beginning was overwhelming. I knew that college would be an amazing experience, but at the time it was an unknown that I was not entirely sure I was fully prepared for. However, as I suspected, college was an incredible four years. It was filled with fun, excitement, fears, independence, and ultimately a better understanding of myself.

Throughout life I have experienced a range of change. From trying new sports to moving to the other side of the world, I have had my fair share of new beginnings. Looking back on those moments I recognize that yes those were sometimes uncomfortable or painful endings, but ultimately they were exciting new beginnings. It can be difficult to try something new, but those moments of uncertainty are feelings you will look back on with a smile and treasure. I know that my brother is probably facing similar feelings that I had during my first week at Bucknell. However, like his big sister, I know he will figure it out and find his place at his new home. Change is scary and overwhelming, but it is the only way to ensure butterflies and the excitement of a new adventure.


2 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday – Change

  1. So true change is the beginning of excitement of new adventures! It is not easy to go through change or watch as others change. I get pumped about the adventures through change I get to go on with others as well as watch others go through. My little sister is starting college too, I’m pumped for her and the adventures ahead.


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