7 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around


Lately I have been in a pretty terrible mood and to be completely honest I am not entirely sure why. I just have not been feeling like myself, and I cannot seem to get out of this funk. Over the years I have figured out a few key ways to turn even the most frustrating days around.

  1. Go for a walk or a drive – Something about leaving your current surroundings and escaping can make all the difference. Getting some fresh air by walking around the block or driving with the windows down always help me to blow off some steam.
  2. Write – Granted this does not mean write a passive aggressive email to your boss/friend/whoever is irritating you. Instead, write down a note just for you. I find that when I write something out it helps to clear my head and I strangely feel like I am being heard. Writing things down also has a way of making me realize that what is frustrating me is not that bad, providing an often necessary reality check.
  3. Watch funny videos – I swear by Gilmore Girls funny moments and Who’s Line Is It Anyway clips. Sometimes a good laugh will erase all those cranky or sad feelings.
  4. Call Mom – Whenever I am truly upset I know the one person that I can always rely on. No matter the situation I know that I can call my mom to hear me out. There is something so special about having one person who has to listen to your problems. (Thanks Mom!)
  5. Listen to happy music – Now this isn’t just limited to “Happy” but instead any type of music that has a way of making you smile. I often listen to music that reminds me of funny/happy memories. Consider making a go to playlist filled with your favorite songs. It will definitely come in handy whenever you are feeling upset or angry!
  6. Sweet scents – On a whim during my last semester at Bucknell, I bought a purple hyacinth at the local grocery store. It smelled absolutely amazing! That following week happened to be really stressful, but whenever I came home I would instantly smell the flowers and it made me feel calmer. Having something beautiful and pleasantly fragrant gave me a simple reminder to “Stop and smell the roses.”
  7. Eat a cupcake – Simple and effective!

I hope that these different options provide you with a smile on even those seemingly never-ending bad days!


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