Wordy Wednesday – Life Plan

My friend Cameron instagrammed this quote on Monday and I knew that I wanted to include it this week for Wordy Wednesday. As a recent graduate there are so many opportunities available to me, which is exciting and terrifying at the exact same time. However, I am used to having a plan. I like to know where I am going and what I hope to achieve while I am there. Since graduating I have worked on accepting that not everything in life will go as planned, and that is okay. A variety of job openings and interviews have made me aware of the many different paths that I can take in life. This quote is the perfect reminder for me, one that I need to keep in mind on a regular basis. Life never goes as planned. When I look back on my experiences over the last few years, I have realized that so many of my favorite moments were not the ones I had planned. This coincides with my issues with bucket lists, because they always seem to focus so much energy on accomplishing goals rather than enjoying the actual experience. Instead of constantly focusing on the five-year or ten year plan, I am working to just see where life takes me. I would hate to get so caught up in an “ideal plan”, that I miss out on the wonderful aspects of life that are happening in the here and now.

This quote also reminded me of one of my favorite songs by Darius Rucker, “This“. I would rather look back on my life and think, “Wow I never expected that” and “I’m not sure how I got here, but I am so glad I did!” I would hate to miss out on a wonderful life because I was too busy trying to plan my idea of perfection. The best moments in my life so far have been the unplanned ones, and I would not have it any other way. I will continue to keep Joseph Campbell’s words in mind, letting go of my plan and instead workon being open to the many paths in life that I can live. At the end of the day, life is an insane ride that can never truly be planned, rather than fighting it, I will work on embracing this state of unknown. Letting go and accepting that my current state of transition does not need a plan, will allow me to experience the crazy, absurd, and ironic moments that make up life.


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