4th of July Favorites

 The 4th of July marks the true start to summer! With less than a week left before the holiday you have to find the perfect outfit for the day. Although I like to dress patriotically, I try not to overdo it. You will never catch me in a full-fledged American flag ensemble. Instead, I like to pick out certain pieces that can show off my American pride in simple ways. I also always work to find different pieces that don’t break the bank. From barbeques to beach parties these American flag styles can easily fit into any outfit to celebrate the holiday!

Jimi Hendrix T-Shirt    Flag Crop Top    Bathing Suit

Sunglasses    Hair Wrap    Skirt    Espadrilles


4 thoughts on “4th of July Favorites

  1. Those are some cute picks for the 4th. I gab several different pieces to choose from this year (bathing suit, shirt, sunglasses), but like you I don’t want to overdo it. It’s just perfect that “merica” things are in and trending right now making it okay to wear throughout the year getting more bang for your buck!


    • Thanks Mary! I completely agree, I think it is best to keep to a few simple pieces instead of overloading on the “merica” theme. You’re right, it is interesting that it is so trendy these days! I think I can definitely pull off these pieces throughout the year :)!


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