Wordy Wednesday – Everything Happens For a Reason

It has been about one month since I graduated from Bucknell University. Writing it down makes me realize how short a month is, but lately it has felt like an eternity. I have mentioned in other posts that I need to enjoy this time of just being and trust that everything will work out. Sometimes I over think, scratch that, I am a constant over thinker. I let my thoughts wander, which can lead to more anxiety or frustration about where I am and where I want to be. Seeing my friends move into their new apartments and start their first jobs makes me itch for that experience as well. I know that this is a holding period for me, and that it is only temporary. When I saw this quote I felt that it related to the questions and impatience I currently feel. I know that a year from now, or even a few months from now I will look back and laugh at the confusion I am feeling now. I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason, my many experiences in life have proven to me that this is true. Sometimes, however, I need that reminder. I need to laugh through the questions I keep asking, smile through the tears that bubble up, and maintain the strength that it will all work out. At the end of the day having this faith will continue to push me forward. Being in a state of transition is not easy, but I trust myself. I know that I will work hard to achieve my goals. I am going through this range of thoughts and emotions because I haven’t mastered everything yet, and honestly I am thankful for that. Where is the fun in knowing how everything is going to turn out? This time in the in-between is just as important as reaching my next goal. I will continue on this path trying to weigh my options and explore, and always remembering to take this time as a gift. One day, I am not entirely sure when, it will all come together, I truly believe that.


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