My 5 Must Have Apps

Let’s face it, our lives are in our phones! Since it is surprising to see someone without an Iphone in hand, I thought I would put together the five apps that I cannot live without.

  1. Evernote – (Free!)  This app is essentially my life in lists. Whenever people ask how I stay so organized all I say is “Evernote.” With this app you can create multiple notebooks filled with a variety of lists. For instance I have my “To Do List,” “Reading List,” “Shopping List” etc. You can also attach images and PDFs to your lists. The best part about this app? It automatically syncs with your phone, computer, and tablet!
  2. Pocket – (Free!) My friend Sara told me about this app a few months ago, and I am hooked. As someone who constantly sees articles online that I do not always have a chance to read right then and there, this app is perfection. Whenever you find an interesting article, webpage, or video that you want to read you can put it in Pocket to read later. Similar to Evernote, this app automatically syncs with your phone, computer, and tablet. One last thing, you can view these article anytime, on any device, even without internet connection.
  3. Bloglovin – (Free!) As a newbie to the blogging world this app has made it very easy to view my favorite blogs all in one place. Instead of constantly visiting different websites, (which takes up more time then you would think!) I can see all of my favorite blogger’s latest posts in one continuous list. I can also add new blogs and discover the best posts in a variety of categories. If you follow tons of bloggers this app will definitely save you time!
  4. Hop Stop – (Free!) Do you have an interview in a city you are still learning how to navigate? Then this app is for you! I used Hop Stop a ton when I was first learning how to get around NYC. Unlike Google maps or MapQuest, this app provides door-to-door routes via subways, buses, biking, walking, and taxis. Especially if you are new to the subway system, this app is very clear and provides a variety of options in case you accidentally get on the wrong train or get off at the wrong stop. For any commuter or city newcomer I cannot recommend this app enough!
  5. Candy Crush/2048/Jewel Mania – (All Free!) Okay so technically this is not one app, but I couldn’t pick just one game! Sometimes after a long day you just need to do something mindless. These are my go-to games that let me take a quick break from my busy schedule. Plus, you have to have more than one game in case you get stuck on a level.

If you haven’t already downloaded these apps, consider testing them out to see how they work in your life! What are your favorite apps?


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