Wordy Wednesday – Just Being

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Yesterday was a pretty crazy day… it was my little brother Andy’s high school graduation. My family and I are so proud of all that he has accomplished and cannot wait to see what lies ahead for him at college. After my own graduation a month ago, and Andy’s yesterday, I have been filled with inspirational quotes about what my future holds. I have been told to chase after my dreams, find what I love, live life to the fullest, and remember to give back to all that has made me who I am. I don’t know about you but sometimes all this inspiration makes me feel a little anxious. I feel a need to have a plan…and right now I do not have one. My entire life I have had at least some type of basic plan, middle school, high school, then college. I knew the hoops that I had to jump through to make it to my dream university. However, I never really set a plan for those looming days after graduation. Do not get me wrong, I was ready to graduate from college, ready for the next adventure. However, as someone who always has a plan it has been difficult for me to accept that right now I really don’t have one. I have had several interviews that have shown me possible paths that I could take with my life. It is certainly reassuring that I have options (which is always appreciated!). I constantly have a pro con list running through my head about each potential option and where I could take it.

As I was walking my dog last night with my mom, as I do most nights I started to talk with her about my choices. While I babbled about pros and cons of each idea or plan I had my mom stopped me abruptly mid sentence. She asked me, why don’t I just enjoy my time now, at home, taking a step back from everything. This took me somewhat by surprise. She was 100% right. I have always been busy, because lets face it, I love to be busy. I find that when I am busy everything is in order. When I am juggling lots of different balls in the air I am more productive and more organized. It is hard for me to just sit back and relax for a long period of time. Going off of this idea my mom continued on by reassuring me of the advice a friend of mine had given me. My friend graduated from college a year before me, but came back to visit for Homecoming Weekend. As I asked her hundreds of questions about her new job and life outside of college, she gave me a helpful piece of advice I have never forgotten. She told me to enjoy my summer and to not necessarily say yes to the first job offer I receive. She did not have a job right out of college and she took this time to apply to lots of different options and make the right decision for her, not just the first offer. Last night my mom told me that my friend was right, (duh!) and that just because I was given a certain option now does not mean it is the right fit. And she reminded me, I have only been out of college one month. I still have time.

This is where today’s quote comes into play. I thought that this quote was a perfect representation of how I need to feel about the time I have this summer. Sometimes just being is fun. This photo was taken my senior year of high school (throwback, I know!). It is a shot of my friend Kristin and I goofing off before our lacrosse pregame warm ups. This was not planned or staged, it just was. It was a really fun moment that I am lucky enough to have captured on film to revisit. It reminds me why I hate bucket lists, because this moment was perfect since it was special and unplanned, it just was. I am working to remember that just being is fun. Because lets face it, it almost always is!


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