Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

Well today is another special day…Father’s Day! I am so incredibly thankful to have an amazing Dad who has supported me since day one. He is my coach, my tutor, my parallel parking expert, my biggest supporter, and the man who can always make me laugh.

photo 1-1

My dad and I are very similar, which is probably why we sometimes butt heads. I have gained my sense of humor, my determination, my sarcasm, my stubbornness, and my type A personality from him. He is also the person I am told that I most resemble. My mom always says she knew she took home the right baby from the hospital. There was no doubt that I was a Shook, with my small crop of black hair on my head and dark features. As I grew up I was told more and more frequently how much I look like my Dad. There is no mistaking me for another person’s kid.

I am without a doubt my father’s daughter.

me and dad

photo 3-1



I love you Dad! Happy Father’s Day!



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