This past Friday night was my little brother Andy’s Senior Prom! Since investing in my new DSLR camera I have been dying to take it out for a photo session. The weather was absolutely perfect, sunny but not too hot. Everyone looked stunning and I loved seeing the variety of colorful dresses. It is hard to believe that it was only four years ago that I was dressed up for my own senior prom. I have to say my prom dress is by far one of my favorite dresses I have ever worn! I mean who doesn’t love a colorful dress with matching fuchsia accessories and heels? I have decided to show off a few of my favorite shots from Andy’s pre prom photo session and an extra special throwback snapshot.


Andy with his date Caroline!


I love candid shots!


My parents with the prom kid.


Mike, Eli, Andy, and James.


A shot of the boys.


The whole Shook family on prom night.

My brother and his friends had a great time at prom, but it is really post prom that everyone looks forward to the most. After prom, the parents of the senior class throw a giant event at the school from 11pm until 5am. Each year is a surprise theme, this year being circus. There are always inflatables, a hypnotist, candy, black jack tables, and the list goes on. However, with this unique theme they also had jugglers, Chinese yo yo performers, and a man walking on stilts. Post prom is such a wonderful event and a great way to keep the seniors out of trouble. I am not going to lie, my town does a pretty awesome job with prom and post prom every year. Helping my mom pick up food for the circus theme and taking snapshots of my brother in his tux made it hard not to reflect on my own prom. It is crazy to think how much has changed over the years, I mean I know I am not the same person now that I was at my senior prom. Since high school I have learned so much about myself and grown up a bit too. Having a younger brother always causes me to reflect on my memories from the events that he is now experiencing. I am so happy that I am home to witness all of these memorable moments with my family. As promised, I have included a snapshot from my own senior prom night. I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend, it has definitely been a great one for me!


Kevin and I striking a pose at my senior prom!


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