Happy Birthday Andy!

Today is a very special day for the Shook family…it is my little brother Andy’s birthday!

photo 1-1

The Birthday Boy!

Yup, that's a sock.

Yup, that’s a sock.

On the move

On the move!


In Vienna, Austria!


Together at my graduation! His is only a few weeks away…

Andy is officially an adult today. It is crazy to think that he is 18 and graduating high school in a matter of weeks. My baby brother is at the end of his high school adventure and about to start his next one at college. I am so incredibly proud of Andy and all that he has accomplished (especially his Eagle Scout Project!). I just wanted to put a little spotlight on him today, not only because it is his birthday but because he is so incredibly special to me. Andy embodies so many traits that I admire, he is intelligent, confident, and laid back. He is also a music aficionado, so much so that I have asked for his help on a few future blog posts. So keep checking back for Andy’s own touch on All Shook Up. However, for today the focus is simply on the wonderful fact that Andy was born!


Happy Birthday Andy! I love you so much!



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