Why Hello There Real World…

With less than a week passing since my graduation day, it is finally starting to sink in. I am an alumnae. I went to college. I am now officially a member of the real world, whatever that is. Weird.


My favorite graduation picture from the day! Oh and I climbed onto the statue in heels, just saying.


Throughout the past week my life has been go go go. From senior week in Myrtle beach to graduation weekend festivities to an interview in NYC early Monday morning, I have barely had a moment to breathe. Looking back on the past few days I am glad I had this craziness because it kept me from focusing on the thoughts and emotions I had dealing with graduation. I am not going to lie, I was pretty ready to leave college. I loved the last four years, but recently I realized that my campus and college life did not scare me anymore. I was a little too comfortable there. I knew from those feelings that it was time for my next adventure.

Granted change is scary. Trust me, as the member of the Shook family who always orders the same take-out food, change has not always been easy for me. However, after spending four and a half months abroad in Sydney, Australia, I know that I can handle whatever path I choose. Sometimes I need a little fear to push me forward, and although I am nervous, I am excited for the future. To keep this momentum going I am trying to live by Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous quote “Do one thing everyday that scares you.” Moving outside of my comfort zone has always brought me on my most exciting adventures.

I am lucky enough to have an incredible support system that has always believed in me and my dreams, no matter how far out of reach. I may not have a job or definite plan just yet, but I know that I am ready for whatever comes my way.


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